Technology Overview

Here is the tech we use…


Microsoft / Angular 7

We use the Microsoft stack for most of our back-end code. This means the latest .NET core in C#. We feel that this is currently the best stack for quick and powerful code. We also use Angular 7 for the latest in front end implementations. With these two technologies in parallel we feel that it gives the best in performance and code compatibility.

Microsoft Azure

Servers have their place in the universe, but we have moved into the full MS Azure stack for our hosting solution. This ranges from the simple Web Apps and Azure SQL, to keeping up with the latest paradigms included things like Azure Functions or CosmosDB.



Ionic / Xcode / Xamarin

Mobile App development has split into a few different camps of thought, but to cover the different scenarios and user requirements we have chosen these three tools and their respective technologies to develop mobile apps. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and we feel to cover the largest range of situations we need to develop using all of these.