Phil Ainsworth (Tangopop)

Founder of Tangopop Designs Ltd, Phil has held many roles in the software development industry over the past 16 years culminating in becoming the owner and creator of Tangopop Designs Ltd.

As head of development for App4 Developments, he took whole of the code base for all of the different technologies used and clarified and de-cluttered the code to bring it up to a more modern standard. Then with the experience gained in the business process, took the essence of the process and developed a brand new code base based on .Net core 2 and Angular 6. This also included new mobile developments in Ionic and Xamarin and automated testing using Microsoft Testing platform.

Previous to this acting as lead web site developer at the children's charity ‘Kids Run Free’ Phil ensured that the charity had a good web presence and were kept in the spotlight on the Internet.

These experiences have given Phil the ability and the confidence to know exactly what good design and programming can bring to any situation.

Phil’s motto is "It’s now not if technology can fix a problem but what’s the best way for Technology to fix the problem"

Simply applying technology is not the whole story, Phil is aware that one also requires an eye for detail and keen business awareness – this is the basis of creating Tangopop Designs. With Phil's technical awareness and the other partners enthusiasm and knowledge Phil believes they have a winning combination.

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