We want to show you how with just a little bit of technology and some clever thinking behind it, Tangopop Designs can help streamline your business processes for not only a piece smaller than you would expect, but also giving you a good return on investment. Here are some of the ideas our customers have used or intend to use.

We have included a range of what we think is the amount of days work it may be. You will understand that this is a very rough estimate and a number of factors can change this up or down. With these values and the pricing page, this should start to give you an idea of how much a project may cost.


Simple Database of Things (Estimated 10 - 20 Days)

Starting from our most usual case, we can produce a simple database of things. (In this case property in the Amber Valley area, with prices and history of rental properties) This is something that can immediately be seen as a way to store records that you might have offline (Ie in a filing cabinet somewhere) or even an Excel spreadsheet on someones computer. This might work for a single person working at a desk, but you may want this information more readily available.

Say this data is useful for someone out in the field, they are going around doing a job where having these facts and figures readily available will make them more efficient, so using that principle we will make the software mobile compatible. We can make it so that a simple login, using their internal login and password, gives them access to all the data.

Even more than that though, say the data is sensitive and an additional layer of security is needed. We have options for that too. We can talk you through all the options and decide between us a balance of Time/Budget and requirements to provide you with the best solution.

Dashboard to visualise all your data (Estimated 20 - 30 Days)

We understand that the best way to see your data can sometimes be in charts and graphs rather than reams and reams of text. So we have developed a dashboard in house that can bring your data to life. We have many ways of seeing your data and using Tangopop Designs we will spend the time to make sure it is in the best format available.

These dashboards are mobile ready too, so again you can have access to the data without having to be stuck at your desk. We can pull data from many sources, including Google Analytics, GPS Data, Government Sources, Open Source data and of course your own internal data. If you can imagine it we can find a way to connect and display the data you require in easy to consume screens.

Powerful Apps (Estimated 30 - 60 Days)

Sometime you need the raw power of a native App to do your work. If you are live tracking drivers or just using the internal sensors on your phone we can use these to collect and gather information for your system.

We understand that apps can be just more visual to the end user and you need them to be within the various app stores, we at Tangopop Designs can design native apps and help get them front and centre.

Cleaning Up (Estimated 5 - 20 Days)

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation that mean you just need someone to take a look at you processes, code or data and need to make sense of it.

We at Tangopop Designs can come in and make the situation make a little easier for you. We have the tools and know how to explain what you have and what you might need to get the situation under control. We can even suggest ways we could use that process to upgrade you so that you don’t get in that situation again.

Ariel view of using a desktop computer