Mobile communication is becoming an increasingly large part of the digital revolution in the workplace. Creating a mobile employee app, in particular, has shown to improve transparency, boost employee engagement & satisfaction, and help facilitate the transfer of information. It can also be a handy tool for employee advocacy.

Have you created an app for your employees? If you haven’t, then you are losing out on a great tool that can help streamline the distribution of information to your employees. Of course, these apps do more than enhance the internal exchange of information. Here are 5 ways you can use employee apps at every level of the employee lifecycle.

(1) Attracting, Recruiting, and Onboarding New Employees

A recent study by SHRM Foundation has revealed that 25 percent of the workforce change jobs each year. For companies, that means you have to recruit and onboard approximately a quarter of your employees annually. The whole thing can be tedious, if not daunting. That’s where creating an employee app can come in handy.

A good app should avail information about your company to potential employees. More importantly, you can use the app to teach new recruits about company culture, policies, and whatnot before they even come for their first day on the job. For instance, Google's Employee Handbook can be used to make the integration of new staff members easier and quicker. On the overall, this will indeed make the whole onboarding process a breeze, especially when it comes to millennial recruits.

(2) Bridge Gaps in Communication

Fast and effective communication is crucial for the survival and success of any company. In the era of instant-everything, an employee should be able to get information securely and in a timely manner. As such, you can use an employee app as a news channel where everyone can share new projects, new strategies, market realities, business briefs, and company goals. After all, a mobile app allows you to control the message and who gets it.

(3) Train and Educate your Employees

Making sure that your staff is well trained and up-to-date can do wonders for your company. Creating an app lets you share marketing information, training videos, market updates, and other educational content with your employees. This way, your employees can keep abreast of what's happening in the industry.

(4) Digitise Everything to Make your Employees Lives Easier

Employees call for certain essentials like schedules, contact information, documents, payroll updates, coffee plans, and so forth. All these pieces of information can be digitized and made available to all employees thanks to a mobile app. It makes it easy for employees to have information at their fingertips, on the go.

(5) Communicate Safety Information

More than half of work-related injuries do occur within the first few months of employment. That’s because new employees have not been adequately educated on the safety procedures within the workplace. With an employee app, this can be a thing of the past. The app can be used to communicate safety messages and vision of the company.

AuthorPhil Ainsworth