Businesses small and large have an abundance of software solutions to more than a few problems throughout the day to day running of a business. It can be tough though as an SME to navigate these solutions and make sure what you spend your software budgets. This is especially true if none of the software seems to talk to each other, so you waste valuable resources inputting the same details into multiple systems. We here at Tangopop Designs call this the Tree of Business Software. This tree helps nourish the business and help it grow, but this only works if all of the leaves and branches are working to toward the whole. Using Tangopop Designs as your arborist, together we can make sure all of your technology works.

We don't believe in talking in riddles though, despite the above paragraph, so here we will outline some examples of where our unique knowledge might help your business.

(1) Excel to Squarespace Website

Businesses for decades have been familiar with inputting the details of stock and prices onto various excel spreadsheets. Over this time the problems have always been a pain to see. Things like having the file open by more than one person, restricting access to the data and making sure the spreadsheet is backed up. These problems have and can be resolved by various solutions, ranging from the simple to the complex, but what also infuriates though is this data (in certain forms) could also be used to advertise the very same products.

Using Tangopop Designs Tree of Business Software we could import this data into an easy to use database and front end. Then using this same system the data can be exported out to Squarespace. This thought goes further than this because, with the Tree of Business Software, this data will be backed up, exported and authenticated so the right data is in the right form.

(2) Sage Business Cloud to Squarespace Website

Going further than the above example we could also import the sort of data from Sage Business Cloud and export that same data as above. Again this isn't a one-off import and we can keep the data synced between multiple systems.

(3) Google Docs to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn

Having a single system to handle your social media can be vital in making sure your message gets out to the world. Using the Tree of Business Software, we can import google docs document and format into the various social media formats. This again can live under one central authentication/backup and tracing system.


What we have outlined above is just some examples of the connections that could be made with Tangopop Designs Tree of Business Software. Contact us for more information about what else we can connect for you. These examples seem simple, but we are able to make more complex logic as this software is bespoke around you.

AuthorPhil Ainsworth