Technology has truly revolutionized the world around us, and the way we do pretty much everything. Software, apps, and tech gizmos like smartphones are now dime a dozen, and they have undoubtedly made our lives richer, easier, and much more enjoyable.

You probably take it for granted, but here are 6 noteworthy ways technology has made our lives effortlessly easy.

(1) It Has Made Communication a Breeze

Imagine yourself writing a letter, firing up a smoke signal or whatnot in the name of communicating … isn’t it just amazing how mobile software and technology have made communication incredibly easy? Yearning to know how your grandma is doing? It’s easy; pick up a phone and call her, or better yet have a video conversation for a more satisfying communication.

You can now send out job applications in a jiffy, and probably get responses in a matter of hours, if not minutes. That’s the beauty communication in the age of software and tech. It has become easy, sinfully cheap, and hassle-free.

(2) It Has Transformed Healthcare

Healthcare and technology are a match made in heaven. Tech has improved healthcare so much so that we can’t enumerate all of its benefits. Whether you want to stay fit, book a doctor’s appointment, check blood sugar levels on your own, or any health care need in between, there’s a technology, software or tech gadget to make it possible and easy.

(3) Get Answers to Just about Everything in an Instant

Thanks to technology, you now have unfettered access to unlimited knowledge. Call it the Holy Grail of the information age, internet technologies like Google have made finding answers to everything possible. The internet is like an encyclopedia of everything at your fingertip 24/7, 365 days a year. This, in turn, has taken research, education, and personal training to a whole new and exciting level.

(4) It Has Brought People Closer

Top-notch software like Skype, Facetime, and social media platforms like Facebook have connected people from all corners of the world like never before in history.

(5) It Has Made Payments Easier and Safer

Let’s face it; the world is riddled with cybercrime, identity theft, fraud, and other awful vices. The good news is that state of the art software has made online and physical payment fast, easy, and secure. Take apps like Apple Pay, for instance; they allow you to store multiple credit card data securely so you can make a payment in no time.

(6) It Has Made Travel Remarkably Fun and Easy

Gone are the days you needed travel guides & agents and conspicuous paper maps to travel around. Whether you’re globe-trotting or driving around the city, travel is now easy and hassle-less thanks to a multitude of apps and technology gadgets. You can use Expedia to book a flight, Google Maps to check traffic, and TravelAdvisor to shop and book a hotel room, all with a touch of a button.

These are just but a few ways technology has made life easier. We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg because technology has truly transformed every facet of your lives.

AuthorPhil Ainsworth