Our Ethos

How we think….

At Tangopop Designs, we not only have a set of policies and ideas that our business adheres too, we take these ideas and make them the core of our every decision.

Diversity, The Environment and Working Conditions are the main thoughts that circle through everything we do. Let us take a moment to explain why these are crucial to us.


The more diverse a team is the better the solution to any problems are going to be. By looking at a problem with different eyes and brains, we can provide solutions that others could miss.

This isn’t just what we say though, we have 100% flexible working times to help different groups work around their life. More than this though our interview process is specifically designed to be gender/ethnic group neutral. We just want the best people to work for us.

The Environment

We only have one world and even small and simple businesses need to do their part. We aim help all of our staff to commute to work as efficiently as possible and that means working from home when needed or putting the office in the most central place possible for public transport. Along with other measures like carbon offsetting our server usage, or making sure all equipment bought adheres to the highest environmental standards, these ideas form the core of our business.

Working Conditions

Hiring people is a long and tedious process so, when we’ve found the right people, then we don’t want to lose them just because the coffee is bad. This isn’t the only thing we mean though, 100% flexible working hours, working from home and creating that perfect environment for each person, each of these is a step towards getting the members of the team to stick around and work their hardest.

Team Input

We don’t have all the answers, nobody ever does. Our idea of what makes a diverse team, a great environmental strategy, or the best working conditions might not be what you are thinking of, but that’s where our greatest strength will come from. You! We aim to listen to our staff and include those thoughts in our plans for the future of the business. If it means a change in seating or a better coffee machine, all the way up to how we deal with clients, as a team we will achieve far more than if we go it alone.