About Tangopop Designs

Who we are…

Tangopop Designs based in Derbyshire and founded by Phil Ainsworth in 2011.

The partnership has been formed to bring the creation and design of simple, powerful, yet user friendly digital environments which are unique whilst offering an insight into the world behind the scenes of a small business start up.

Our aim is to improve and increase the pool of tasks that technology can perform which we hope will ultimately lead to an increase in the quality of life for people.

 Phil has many more inspiring app ideas and their combination of skills have the solution to make a successful team.

Find out more about Phil in our People pages.

We'll see you soon.


Policy Documents

We want to be clear and transparent with everyone we deal with, be that Staff or Customers. As such here are our policies documents regarding various subjects:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy

Software Quality Policy

We are listed on some business directories. Here are the links:

UK Small business directory


Here at Tangopop Designs we know our own limitations. So we have partnered with iFlow Studios to produce front end websites and logo’s. Go visit them and tell them we said hi.