We Love Technology

We love Technology, it brings the world closer and allows the world to think things never before imagined. We have entered the App creation game to increase this pool of things technology can do to increase the quality of life for people.


We Hate Technology

Along with loving technology, we hate what technology forces you to do. We think technology should make life easier and not force you to relearn every time you use a new piece of tech. 


How We Balance These Ideas

The reasons why we design and program our apps is so that from day one you can use the technology without all the fuss. We design and create around the idea that you wouldn’t need a 100 page manual to use the system. It should work for you, not against. Check out here for some examples


We are a web software development house based in Derbyshire specialising in giving our customers the best elegant software solutions to complex problems. Using the latest Web and Mobile technologies, we are unique in that we put the solution first rather than technology. 

Bespoke software and apps can help save you time, effort and money by creating efficiencies within your business. Ask us how?